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Our company is dedicated in providing premium support to Jordanian universities & the education system by participating in exhibitions & scientific events that dedicated for analytical & materials researches, as well as presenting seminars, & hosting elite experts from leading companies all over the world to introduce the latest technologies in our local market.

  • Guarantee you High quality Analytical Instruments
  • Extended ONE Year Labor Free Warranty Since 2013
  • Easy To Collaborate With User by try it before you buy it


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Industries we Cater & Support

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Research Labs
  • Food & Drug research Centers, and associations
  • Isolation and Thermal conductivity industries
  • Petrochemical, Fuel, Shale oil, Research &testing labs
  • Jordan Standards and Metrology Centers
  • Oil, Grease, & Additives Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Forensic & Army labs
  • Veterinary Industries
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemicals Industry
  • Fertilizers Industries
  • Paint and Ink Industries
  • Plastic Industries
About Us

Poinciana Green mission

to educate customers the new concepts of how to help our planet to be green. We support the companies that spread ideas of recycling & power saving by offer them additional discounts on our products ranges.

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About Us

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Our professionally trained sales team is on hand to assure the quality & effectiveness of equipment purchase. From product knowledge and integration for purchasing decisions, placement and training, & follow up with additional training and expanding needs. Our Service Team is highly motivated with a powerful commitment to quality and service excellence coupled with a strong operational focus on result orientation. Our sales and service team are well trained both in-house and internationally. Eng. Hani Abu Hijleh, Sales & Service Manager has an MBA with more than twenty-four years of experience in developing business opportunities in the sphere of healthcare management services, pathology laboratory testing services, analytical instrumentation, & consumables. Eng. Hani is an organized, strong negotiator, expert market intelligence and has a clear insight of management theories. He also had successfully headed a Service, Sales & Marketing team at different companies in Jordan, and Iraq by establishing the pipeline for promoting analytical equipment products, and ensuring the implementation of corporate business development strategies.